As a new starter trying to get a foothold/establish, or an existing business looking to expand and grow, it can be challenging and expensive in a highly competitive and crowded market. In these markets it can be very hard to attract customers without going through costly advertising, which does not guarantee sales.

At OnceOk, we offer the option of enabling initial sales or expansion of market share by introducing you and your products to new markets. We are able to link your business to international markets through our local presence and knowledgeable partners.

We firstly carry out a feasibility study to ensure your products will be suitable to the local market and suggest modification where appropriate. We have experience in these markets, speak the local language and know the key dependencies and culture. This enables us to help you with all the logistics and information required to establish yourself in these markets. We will guide you in every stage of the process and ensure you are satisfied with each stage of the process.

We are flexible in our approach and will work with you in a variety of ways to ensure that your business is able to expand and grow.