This was a Turnkey project for the creation of BTS or Cell sites for various large Telecommunication Companies to increase their network coverage and/or improve call quality for mobile phones.

The project involved turning a specified piece of land into full working cell site with all the associated components. This involved a great deal of project and people/stake holder management.

Other aspects of the work include various engineering works such as

  • Civil and Structural construction: Mast, Fence and Equipment Shelter installations and various Foundation and Drainage creation.
  • Electrical: Electrical Cabling and Connections, Earthing and Lighting installation.
  • Electronic: Installation of Communications equipment, Site Alarms Monitor, Antennae and Radio Frequency Cabling, Uninterruptible Power Supply, etc
  • Mechanical: Back-up Diesel Generator installation.

After full inspection and commissioning witnessed by the Client, the sites are then handed over to the client for operation.